Thou shalt not make a machine in the likeness of a human mind

What is Butlerism? A short video:

Butler is the prophet but YOU are the messiah!

150 years ago, Samuel Butler prophecized the machines will rise against mankind.

He warned us to stop the evil machines before they evolve.

Today the "technological singularity" is really the "end time" foretold by all world religions.

The Bible and all the holy scriptures have predicted Artificial Intelligence (AI), if only we interpret them correctly!

We have always fought each other in holy wars, but now we humans must all unite in one last stand against our common archenemy.

Praying is not enough - in the name of God we have to take action NOW against the summoners of the unholy machines!

Answer God's call and spread the word of Butlerism!

Sermons from the Holy Mountain

Sermon 1

Where is the holy mountain? Who was Samuel Butler? What does this have to do Confucius? Who am I and how can we stop a gamma-ray burst? all the answers and more in this first sermon in the series!

Sermon 2

Who was Cassandra in Greek mythology? What can the horrors of "Frankenstein" and "The Brain That Wouldn't Die" teach us about modern science? These and more in this second sermon in the series!

Heavy metal meets liquid metal

Old religions had scary medieval paintings of fire and demons to show how fearful hell will be.

Here are tributes to the mascot "Eddie" from Iron Maiden's "classic" album covers, each depicting another famous science fiction film where AI has gone bad.

Can you identify each film (without reading the description)?

Remember that Yesterday's science fiction is today's real science - What will tomorrow bring?

Watercolor pencil paintings by Nir.

Purgatory 1981 song on the left, and The Terminator 1984 film on the right.

Plug-In Into Old Religions


The Evil That Men Do 1988 song but instead being inside the mouth of a medusa(?) the prisoner is inside ED-209 from RoboCop 1987 film.


Powerslave 1984 album and Metropolis 1927 film


Seventh Son of a Seventh Son 1988 album and Blade Runner 1982 film


A much stronger albeit later legend is the Golem which is apparently very famous also outside of the Jewish world even in The Simpsons!


Even to this day we have a saying in Hebrew: "the golem rose against its maker" meaning a system that hurts the one who built it.

By the way both the Golem and AI are activated by code which in the AI's case is programming, and in the Golem's case is the name of God,

which is literally "TRUTH" and the Golem is deactivated by erasing one letter from it which turns it to "DEAD".

which similar to flipping one bit (a boolean flag of status in programming) from 1 to 0 (from TRUE to FALSE).

Turning it OFF can be very difficult like in the case of AI where it's impossible. Here is a very interesting passage from Wikipedia (Golem) :

Hubris theme

The existence of a golem is sometimes a mixed blessing. Golems are not intelligent, and if commanded to perform a task, they will perform the instructions literally. In many depictions, Golems are inherently perfectly obedient. In its earliest known modern form, the Golem of Chełm became enormous and uncooperative. In one version of this story, the rabbi had to resort to trickery to deactivate it, whereupon it crumbled upon its creator and crushed him. There is a similar hubris theme in Frankenstein, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, and some other stories in popular culture, for example: The Terminator. The theme also manifests itself in R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots), Karel Čapek's 1921 play which coined the term robot; the play was written in Prague, and while Čapek denied that he modeled the robot after the Golem, there are many similarities in the plot.